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Wool You Make It? sheep

Wool You Make It? is a challenging 2D platformer set to release on PC, MacOS, Linux and Nintendo Switch in late 2021.

Wool You Make It? is a 2D platformer centered around a sheep and its job of getting to the top of the tower. The tower is 1000 meters tall, with every 100 meters adding new obstacles and challenges for you to face. The game is currently in active development.


Nothing To The Moon
Nothing To The Moon is a game I created in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 45 game jam. The theme for this jam was “Start with nothing”.
All assets, art, code and sound must be created by you in the 48 hour timeframe and uploaded to the Ludum Dare site. Thousands of people take part in this competition which now happens twice a year.
You can play this game in the browser, or download it for most desktop operating systems. The source code is available on my Github account to check it out for yourself.
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Noisy Blocks
Noisy Blocks

This project was made in just a couple of hours inspired by a weird dream I had. The initial idea was to create a huge perlin noise desert made out of blocks scrolling through their texture and moving in a wave pattern.

After showing my friends they liked the idea of adding sounds to it. This isn’t really a game with an end or a goal, just some fun chaos.

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Deep Scale is a game currently in development. It will be release for Android first and IOS shortly after in late 2019. It’s a thematic deep-sea adventure based on the players skill of using scale and movement to navigate through each level.
Battle your way through 100 levels enjoying 10 aquatic environments. Earn coins to unlock new characters to replace your pufferfish friend.
No intrusive pop-up ads, no hundreds of dollar purchases to unlock virtual currency and no signing up with social media to speed up an unlock.
Release date to be determined.

Jay parry

I am a Cardiff based Software Engineer focussing on web design, SEO and C# software development. Find all my contact details here.