Wool You Make It?

The game is a challenging platformer, but for the right ways. A challenge due to good level design rather than due to poorly designed levels and mechanics.

The has the interface for multiple levels to be created on a shedule along with updates. The first level is a 1000 meter tall tower with a new theme and obstacles for each floor.

The game features working controls for keyboard + mouse, Xbox controller, Playstation controller and mobile touch controls.

Obstacles Added Each Stage:

-One-Way Platforms
-Moving Platforms
-Moving Spike Platform
+Slime Slowing Blocks
+Disappearing Blocks
+Jump Blocks
+Shooting Spikes
+Ice Blocks
+Blowing Wind
+Shooting Canons
+Falling Rocks
+Dragon Flame
+Moving Lava Blocks

The player can walk, run, jump, wallslide, wallclimb and crouch. These actions can all be mapped using a standard controller. The player will have the ability to remap any and all of the controls needed to play the game, with a way to reset them if anything goes wrong.

Wool You Make It? sheep
Everything here is subject to change as the game is still under development. I will be creating a Discord where I can post updates and get some feedback along the way.