About Me

I am a graduate Software Engineer in Cardiff, Wales. I started programming in 2009 whilst I was in high school. It started with web development, and then it moved on to game development a few years later. During my high school years I attempted to create a game with a good friend. You can check out what he’s doing here. The first game we worked on was called “Forbidden Islands”. This never came to be, but my friend and I both learned a lot in the process and it’s probably why we are where we are today.
Very little exists of the original game today other than a few videos and a logo. Here’s all that remains from 2011.
I have progressed a lot more when it comes to actually finishing a game. I have many Unity projects. Some are just small prototypes, and some are nearly finished, or fully fleshed out concepts. You can keep up with all of that on the “My Games” page on this site if you wish. My main focus at the moment is still web development, where it all started, and SEO work.
Ironically, this website is created using Adobe Portfolio. This is because it comes free with an Adobe subscription. I enjoy working with WordPress mostly due to how customisable the platform is. I spend a lot of time keeping up with Google’s SEO rules to get the most out of the websites I create.
Even though networking and SEO are my main focus right now, I hope to one day finish a game I can be proud of and post it here for people to play. To contact me for any reason you can jump back to the main page and use the contact form or any of the other links to reach me.