The colour pallete for this game was hand crafted using reference images from various ocean imagery.
As each area and certain aspects of the game are created, colours are added to the pallete, but it has been designed in such a way it strays away from being messy and an inconsistent feeling through each level.

The overall concept for the game is having to scale and avoid certain objects in the environment. You can also crush some of these objects when the player has the max scale level. Each level has been designed in such a way it is obvious as to what can be broken and what should be dodged. An example would be soft coral, or barrels can be broken, whereas a sea mine or a shark is something that should be dodged.
Everything shown is subject to change as the game is currently in development and things are changed a lot to represent the vision of the game and edited based on feedback as the development progresses.
The game will be completed before it is released. The aim is to release before 2020 and if it means not releasing an unfinished product, so be it. I know, quite a novel idea in today’s gaming culture.