The first test was just an aesthetic test. Using the Unity profiler I could already tell this wasn’t performant, but I pushed it a bit more.

This was 100,000 blocks (I think) all being updated every frame. I have a 3900x and a 2080ti so this just wasn’t feasable. Not that it wouldn’t be possible with removing some faces you can’t see, or it could probably be done with a smart shader, but that isn’t as fun.

I removed a lot of blocks, scoped the whole thing down a bit and came up with a colour palette I was happy with. I don’t know much about music so making a nice melody as you walk is off the table, but random chaos is here instead.

This was just a little bit of fun to play with for a few hours, I polished it up a bit. You can reset the level and change the game’s view to a topdown view.

You can download it here if you really want to. It runs okay, but not great and it’s fun for 5 minutes at most.