Suchi UK

Here is the work I did for a client for Suchi UK. It’s a meditation and relaxation website for guides and information. The client had no web presence prior to this website. Since then,a website and Facebook page have been set up.

The client wanted audio and text versions of each section of the website. A way to listen and also read what she has to say. A store has been set up for the client to sell her products, I used Woocommerce for this since there are no monthly fees for the client. Comments have been enabled on some pages so the client can interact with anyone who comments.

The whole site was built with WordPress using the Divi theme, The SEO Framework and more. A Google service has been set up to monitor analytics, ads and the Search Console. The site is protected using Cloudflare and also some other features that Cloudflare has to offer. The client wanted the website to have a shimmering light effect, I achieved that using gradients, rather than anything moving or animated because in testing it was awful to look at.

This is the Suchi.UK Website

Long Suchi