Corner House Studio

Here is the work I did for Corner House Studio. I redesigned their website to a faster, more modern looking design. The site was already based on WordPress which made transfering a lot of the content easier for me.

The initial site was using one of the lower plans on which doesn’t allow for any (apart from a very select few) plugins to be installed. That on top of using a fairly bulky theme with no optimisation to images, audio or any content for that matter, made improving on this site fairly simple. It’s now using a custom Divi design created by me and there are some of my chosen plugins installed to help with some elements.

I started by first making a backup of the current site before I started working on or changing anything. This always gives me some peace of mind. I moved the site from the host and moved it to a local host based here in Cardiff. This host is much cheaper, and doesn’t limit their WordPress features. I worked on the new redesign locally, and as I went along I sent screenshots and temp hosted versions of the site to the client for review. I performed some basic setup for SEO which the site did not have before. I will continue to work on building site reputation and help the site rank for their key words.

Below you can see the before and after of the site.

This is the old website.

This is the new website.